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DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Sam Fender – Hypersonic Missiles Zip MP3


Sam Fender has release a posthumous package titled Hypersonic Missiles It was arguably the Singer/Songwriter event of a pandemic-blighted year.

By contrast, Hypersonic Missiles album arrives under very different circumstances on Wapbaze with 13 tracks listings.

Sam Fenders Hypersonic Missiles has its share of impressive moments from A Polydor Records Release; ℗ 2019 Sam Fender, under exclusive licence to Universal Music.

Artist(s):Sam Fender
Album:Hypersonic Missiles
Sample Rates:44100
Bit Rate:190 KBit/s
Record Label:A Polydor Records Release; ℗ 2019 Sam Fender, under exclusive licence to Universal Music
File Type:Album-zip*Audio/mpeg
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DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Sam Fender – Hypersonic Missiles Zip Mp3 Download

Sam Fender returns with a new album “Hypersonic Missiles and we got it for you, download fast and feel the vibes.

  1. Sam Fender - Hypersonic Missiles
  2. Sam Fender - The Borders
  3. Sam Fender - White Privilege
  4. Sam Fender - Dead Boys
  5. Sam Fender - You're Not the Only One
  6. Sam Fender - Play God
  7. Sam Fender - That Sound
  8. Sam Fender - Saturday
  9. Sam Fender - Will We Talk?
  10. Sam Fender - Two People
  11. Sam Fender - Call Me Lover
  12. Sam Fender - Leave Fast
  13. Sam Fender - Use

Public Reviews for Sam Fender – Hypersonic Missiles From Itunes:

Crazy (good) emotions ❤️

Honestly, amazing! you’re going to be something GREAT! reminds me of Bruce, & others but u still have unique style! Keep them coming. caught the tail end of Seth Meyers, it reminded me of a band not well known called “The War on Drugs” check them out! you have your own thing, you’re really special! (I never leave comments but felt compelled by you). You’re going to be one of the worlds most amazing artist & you grow by listening to others too, it’s music, that’s what gets our emotions going, right?? MUCH LUCK 🍀 & f/$k the rest! Fr a wise FL women & stay true to you always!!! By Brookestyle

Can’t stop listening

The Borders got me hooked and then I started listening to his other songs on YouTube. I appreciate that all the songs are pleasant to listen to while also saying some pretty profound things. ‘Use’ is heavenly. I’m going to assume all the negative comments on other reviews about White Privilege are written by white men. Even if you don’t agree, why can’t he comment on his view of the topic and his place in the world? I’ve watched a few interviews w Sam and he seems very down to earth and self deprecating to a fault.

I’m a fan! Hope he comes to the US to tour. By austinlover

Hey morons!

This kid comes from a very lower class background. He and his family have struggled a lot, especialy after what Thatcher did to them. He has absolutley every right to speak his truth. He has every right to speak about his experiences and bring it to our attention. Of course his songs are political, they're what he has lived. How about you listen for a change? By lkohler

White Privilege?

Poor guy has been brainwashed into thinking it's not OK to be white. Must be hard self loathing yourself. By Trencher


I listened to one of the songs and liked what I heard, but then checked the reviews a saw the politic rant and I was done. Why is it hip now to apologize for one's race? Don't these idiots realize they're eliminating whole groups of people with these statements. By etownlover

I want to like this but

I listened to the first couple of tracks and I started loving your sound, even the backstory to the music was beautiful. How you had a life threatening illness was impactful and I heard it in your voice. Then I saw “white privilege” and I thought he seems talented he’ll probably do something ironic, or try to show both sides of the situation. Googled the lyrics and I was really disappointed man. Whites aren’t like that (and I’m Latino), the world isn’t black and white, and it’s dangerous to be spreading that kind of ideology. Stick to your heart and soul, your passion is what’s going to attract people, not your politics... By Real_raff


It’s an awesome album and I specifically decided to write a review because of the folks complaining about his “politics”. You know the type of long as it’s not affecting them they call you sensitive for being bothered but the second anyone tells them the truth about themselves, they get all upset. So if those kind of people don’t like the album, you know it’s pure gold. By Christoffer19XX

oh my

how did i only just discover this now? not just the album (since it’s about 5 days old as of this review writeup) but this artist?? one of the more technically interesting and sonically charming albums i’ve listed to in recent months By gfriend4ever

Moronic SJW nonsense

Only buy if you support moronic SJW nonsense By Windhollows


Nevermind the people always complaining about people getting offended who got offended by art that challenges their narrow worldview. Fantastic work, wonderful lyricism and instrumentalism. Really reminds you that no matter how many people say it, good music has never died and will never die so long as there are bright, talented people like this guy still wandering around our whacked out world. By The Thruth You Can't Handle





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